Economic Development

The City of Goldendale current Economic Development Plan as recommended by the City’s Economic Development Committee, has a short-range focus on increased tourism and events with a long-term strategy to encourage local industries to expand and to attract other light industry to our community

As part of the long-range strategy, the City purchased and established an industrial park with full infrastructure improvements, vacant properties, and buildings that are available for lease, rent or purchase. More information on the availability of the properties and buildings can be seen on the Industrial Park page.

The  City’s Marketing Brochure (PDF)provides an aerial map of the city, a layout and statistical information of the Goldendale Industrial Park, and general information of the area.

Demographic Information


  • 72,000 people in the region
  • Workers commute from all parts of the area
  • Diverse and well-educated - hard-working laborers to PhDs
  • Offers loyalty and good service to employers

Education and Training

  • Classes and degree programs available from two community colleges as well as Washington State University
  • Specialized workforce training programs can be developed to meet employers needs

Financing and Incentives

  • Available low interest loans
  • Technical assistance and referral support
  • Uncomplicated tax system
    • No corporate tax
    • No inventory tax
    • No personal income tax
  • Opportunity for tax credits, exemptions, and infrastructure grants

Competitive Advantages

  • Low land and housing costs
  • Low property tax rates
  • Abundant electrical capacity
  • Low crime rates
  • Excellent schools and parks
  • Downtown revitalization in progress